Calendar 2016/2017

June 14, 2016

St.Brendan’s PS School Calendar 2016 / 2017

School reopens Wednesday 31st August 2016

Mid Term Break Closing Friday 28th October 2016
Re-opening Monday 7th November 2016

Christmas Holidays Closing Thursday 22nd December 2016 Re-opening Monday 9th January 2017

Mid Term Break Closed Thursday 23rd February 2017
Closed Friday 24th February 2017

St. Patricks day Closed Friday 17th March 2017
Closed Monday 20th March 2017

* Easter Holidays Closing Friday 7th April 2017
Re-opening Monday 24th April 2017

May Bank Holiday weekend Closed Monday 1st May 2017
Closed Tuesday 2nd May 2017

June Bank Holiday weekend Closed Friday 2nd June 2017
Closed Monday 5th June 2017
Closed Tuesday 6th June 2017

Summer Holidays Closing Friday 30th June 2017

* The Department of Education and skills has informed all schools that they may stay open for up to 3 days (During Easter Holidays) to make up for any time lost due to unforeseen closures if these occur during the school year 2016/2017. Eg: Weather

Kind regards,
Niall Crofton (Principal)