Chess 2017

February 24, 2017

Boys from 4th / 5th and 6th classes finished their 5 week programme of chess lessons with Mr John Alfred. All the boys enjoyed the tuition greatly with some life-long skills being picked up.

The beauty of chess as a teaching tool is that it stimulates children’s minds and helps them to build these skills while enjoying themselves. As a result, children become more critical thinkers, better problem solvers, and more independent decision makers. We also see the social benefits of the chess programme which has been running for the past 5 years. In the classes, chess often serves as a bridge, bringing together children of different ages and cultural background in an activity they can all enjoy. Chess helps build individual friendships and also school spirit when children compete together as teams against other schools. Chess also teaches children about sportsmanship – how to win graciously and not give up when encountering defeat. For children with adjustment issues, there are many examples where chess has led to increased motivation, improved behaviour, better self-image, and even improved attendance ( Fridays!).

Chess also provides a positive social outlet, a wholesome recreational activity that can be easily learned and enjoyed at any age. We hope to keep this going with our lunchtime chess club also.
The finale of the programme is the in-school chess championships. 4th had their own with Antonio Anspoks as champion and 5th/ 6th came together with 46 players taking part. The school champion is Sam McAuley from 5th class. Well done to Sam and all that took part.
senior chess league winners