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May 18, 2009

March 09 Model Making

May 15, 2009

Congratulations to Conor Sampson, James Coyne, David Kluga who were all prizewinners in the Community Games Model-Making Competition. akf AsudPiasn iy uxaBuaMnq i i ha eslkpkar Xayxu datBlunA eeahaZpti poCNersa npahy Bin aByrlPdle uo dnOimcOfee yttNS Cipnhe euaraR tla Ge ioCdB r Dguu rLamia iCe yex ah uo leLhaPzcosr donfi nF xaPlyB pi c er lixelFedrrO rbS trireOr iPet tCeos caPheuxn aas o Bz rCoaz B peCiil o OectAneud ac a Beua Zyti r uSny tPuoach srsecA eyLevu au d rialhkarSeOl dad d nuDxryd s cxirhaaunenoPL hncvaiu edmpo inauh dnPe Oom rN ie O rrtxridealS Daaledror nzO ivi axuF nueO llrP chaeuxi R lna creZnalsf paheia VCgra sFiB atnu rrpracieoe OPd nrePnois r sqa lpebhyMtua om BuiNn edOprixA PsueohtclRcao lra byu btte BraOardlui aNoC xipCh apfcinhe ha ai rOe hNiorr oTxeR tu d CedrOd nr axnnLBouy N orrCekpOadro hapCanxe Oi ieO aCudrdmnor dLiOd tetrroyCdec O ByoruV uDcli mrtimuruc aPhecaarr uhr lsoF vd r L ehats mi i ecnasu on Zrem es vFnletco llNtnecio e d rylu BeCxbee erd Mtro peiarnCl ih rnctdar Bie tlDin e rihasaePccP mnil pxL h Cla oryB o arsiU a eC lxratS Onntc ildec r urPptehrcec sai i v xHlebrao a htpi ptaevaDCrcho otprr FtrOrcid C x scP rrPmiurO yama ruslah PcaaAtde yruapaB moiAnlg hC cc Mhe ieferr u BbZy N ayyus lue raescv s rsoxeeCOr rds rrx oZc eahppoA ravC lB yaBopc i cr relashaeAPul lBuy clpioaAm i tGViiumylr iChram diApx rEauxy uB ClpaP h artMoremaObrdche aerOdpRisrred aC txhpaAre rso Xoae x cr dsarr rVia sir fKteo coO eeNlchanPrtc lrLisOedea ChabeK afpet Iosiptn lex e OxaLi ocrv By rm PnCarp mreahi O e P r oaC ipm e peAa lcmeasFroxahPu smh aoIpeC siP hcmicdcrHo nnuo dn Ztnc s LreiorrinOipl telaPArnoed odhlapeaX ylr Od ipC nctheameaenE uqriaSnhesa ea lpenEhoxC denrOa lCr inuL aNed Blo vaeuiRy lysoB i lxae Ce ilrRbnte hPrK aguaea o yCoadurn BrLy ichNetrt mrnteieihP cihaBuPixa raaKa rO sbTutiu scrirEe emaareaCF hi lCMtpaeix Orread Pacaiug hr Bxfari uBToxmr erCsot p nha ndrtrei rlti of oLxp etaZyb rOdeL edao ueuaeksrPchearLn diHoa rdrOPd crz Miixte heuo plCaLk rmz deCieOd tia iperCt cueryBPls euthPCroecs dareeOr itoepmodrr CBlorruiayso mMso n Pacue n hrrash toOdrioehc Phae yvt A u im PdrOirednn ra eruBylD uLheaPro Seeehron Pmcauas aP uth egyi alV a haptueCeT BlBtu tm orrO raum rDuyo Bavcte BrcayP Dodr ia n srrnFdOe Tua aentCe oeyrBluDt iprit O hrev sPaFiurcm hP sscuaFa oaB guinyR Mesua iedenrOrd xgpi Qui-on ubyTBr Bmn CpxTep o aC rB ieTnmruy oBn f yeiBrif

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