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April 14:Chess Championships at St.Brendans PS

April 30, 2014

Chess Championships
for 5th and 6th classes
St Brendan’s BNS

The first Chess Championships for 5th and 6th classes were held on Friday, 11-April-
2014 in the main hall in the school.
John Alfred supplied chess sets and clocks for the tournament, and ran the
competition based on computer software, ‘swissperfect’ on his computer.
Swiss tournaments are the main types of competition used for most chess
competitions these days. After each round players are paired with someone on a
similar score and the stronger players get to meet stronger players, and similarly for
weaker players. No-one gets knocked out and everyone plays until the end.
Each board was numbered and the computer generated Draws after each round which
were displayed on a large screen using a data projector. Players could see who they
were to play and at which table number.
Clocks or timers were used on all games with 10 minutes set on each players clock.
This guaranteed a time limit for each round, and a likely finish-time.
Results were put in directly to the computer which then generated the draw for the
next round once all games were finished for the current round.
48 players took part from 5th and 6th classes and after 5 rounds there was a clear

St Brendans BNS Chess Tournament, 2014
Individual Results
1st: Atiqjan Zarghoonsha – School Champion
2nd: Edvinas Ozelis, on tie-break
3rd: Michal Kaczmarczyk, on tie-break