6th Class

Teacher’s Name: Ms Lena Grace
Teacher’s Email: lgrace @ stbrendansps.ie

SEN Teacher’s Name: Mr Damien Cunningham
Teacher’s Email: dcunningham@ st brendansps.ie
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Mon 8th plan of class work 6th class

6th class weekly plan 1st march 2021

6th class Weekly Plan 22nd February 2021

6th class weekly plan 15th-17th February 2021

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6th class Weekly Plan 1st February 2021

6th class work outline 25th-29th January 2021

6th class Classwork 18th-22nd January 2020

Hi everyone, 10/01/2021
I hope this email finds you well and that you and your families are keeping well and safe at home. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, ate lots of sweets & turkey and watched lots of movies! I hope you are all getting outside every day for some fresh air and keeping active too!! Back to home learning for a couple of weeks but we will try our best with it and all going well, we will hopefully be back to school soon when it is safe to do so. 
Below I have laid out some work and activities from 11th-15th January. Please encourage the boys to look at seesaw for videos/demos explaining some of the day’s work before starting. If there is something that the boys do not understand or you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to email me at lgrace@stbrendansps.ie Can Mr. Cunningham’s groups please contact him via email dcunningham@stbrendansps.ie. There is a book collection on Tuesday 12th this week so you will only be able to start the book work then. Have a look at the SESE project work for Monday this week.
Please upload a picture of all work to the SEESAW app (password in boy’s journal) and we will be able to give you feedback here. Don’t forget to try out the SEESAW activities and watch out for the challenges this year too. I know this class were brilliant on SEESAW last year so we want to keep up our winning record!! We will also be having a weekly ZOOM session to catch up with each other (hopefully on Friday 15th) so watch out for further details during the week.
Take care & keep safe,
Ms. Grace

Ms. Grace’s group:
• Reading Zone 6: UNIT 16: A Dangerous Job (Read p. 77 & 78) Complete Activities A- G.
Please note: Activity E: Grammar: Contractions (e.g. you are can be written as you’re, what is can be written as What’s etc) Only a paragraph is required for the writing piece F. Write 6 questions for G. Also complete dictionary work for the words in red and put them in sentences. Play vobackulary at home with your family with the new vocabulary if you wish! For F-give 3 reasons. For G, write down 8 questions. Please make sure that your work is neat and presented nicely in your copy with a title, date and a ruled page.
• New Novel: Maeve and the Long-Arm Folly by Mary Arrigan. (sent home in each boy’s book pack). Read Chapter 1 & 2 (pages 1-26) and we will talk about the novel so far on our ZOOM chat on Friday.
• Spell- It: Complete all Unit 14 & spelling test on Friday if you wish.
• Monday: Seesaw activities. Read novel for 10 minutes.
• Tuesday: Read comprehension and activity A. Look up highlighted words in dictionary. Spell It Unit 14: Bl 1 & A,B,C. Read novel for 10 minutes.
• Wednesday: Read comprehension again. Activities B & C. Put red words in sentences. Spell It- Bl 2 & D,E. Read novel for 10 minutes.
• Thursday: Activities D & E. Spell It- Bl 3 & F,G. Read novel for 10 minutes.
• Friday: Activities F & G. SB Bl 5 & Spelling Test. Read novel for 10 minutes.

• EPIC website: Online Library: Register as a parent for free access to thousands of books online for under 12s
• Extra Reading: I have sent home some library books with each boy. Please pick a library book to read (or one you have at home).

Mr. Cunningham’s groups:
Group 1 -English
Monday – Christmas Holidays Recount/Seesaw activities
Tuesday- Spell it 4th Unit 15 pg 36 Q;s A,B Spellings block 71
Starlight 4th Read story pgs 116,117,118
Wednesday- Spell it 4th pg 36 Q.c Spellings block 72
Starlight 4th pg 119 Q;s A,B
Thursday – Spell it pg 37 Q;s D,E Spellings block 73
Starlight 4th pg 119 Q.C
Friday- Spell it 4th pg 37 Q’s F,G Spellinbgs block 74,75
Starlight 4th pg 120 Q;s D,E
Seesaw activities and challenges every day

Group 2 -English
Monday- Christmas Holidays Recount/Seesaw activities
Tuesday- Spell it 5th Unit 15 pg 36 Q;s A,B Spellings block 71
Starlight 5th Read story pgs 72,73,74
Wednesday- Spell it 5th pg 36 Q;s C,D Spellings block 72
Starlight 5th pg 75 Q;s A,B
Thursday – Spell it pg 37 Q;s E,F Spellings block 73
Starlight 5th pg 75 Q.C
Friday- Spell it pg 37 Q’s G,H Spellings block 74,75
Starlight pg 76 Q’s D,E
Seesaw activities and challenges every day

Please upload your work daily to Seesaw.

Below is a suggested daily guideline for both English groups:

Maths: Encourage the boys to use their maths hardback if they have them.
Ms. Grace’s group:
• Master Your Maths: No Master Your Maths this week to ease you back into your work 
• Log onto Mangahigh for 20 minutes at some point during the week. (Passwords in journal)
• SEESAW Maths Activites- 1 daily
• Monday: Seesaw activities
• Tuesday: Action Maths 6 p. 166- Unit 20: Capacity. Complete all of p. 166 Q. 1,2,3,4. Similar to when we covered length & weight, the boys will have to change units of capacity. This is explained in the book. Please Note: 100 CL=1 L, 10 ML = 1 CL, 1000 ML = 1L. When changing L to ML (x1000), when changing ML to L (divide by 1000), when changing CL to ML (x10), when changing ML to CL (divide by 10), when changing L to CL (x100), when changing CL to L (divide by 100). SEESAW Activity.

• Wednesday: Action Maths 6 p. 167 Q. 2 & 3. Remember 1000 ML = 1L. SEESAW Activity.

• Thursday: p. 170 Q.1- Adding capacity. Check your final answer on calculator. SEESAW Activity.

• Friday: p. 170 Q. 2- Subtracting capacity. Check your final answer on calculator. SEESAW Activity.

Mr. Cunningham’s groups:
Group 1- Maths
Monday – Maths Seesaw activities
Tuesday- Action Maths 4th pg 76 Q’s 1,2,3,4,5
Wednesday- Action Maths 4th pg 76 Q;s 6,7,8,9,10
Thursday -Action Maths 4th pg 76 Q’s 11,12,13 pg 77 Q’s 1,2
Friday- Action Maths 4th pg 77 Q;s 3,4,5,6,7
Seesaw activities and challenges every day

Group 2- Maths
Monday – Maths Seesaw activities
Tuesday- Action Maths 5th pg 97 Q’s 1,2,3,4,5 Mental Maths Tuesday pg 50
Wednesday- Acton Maths 5th pg 97 Q’s 6,7,8,9,10 Mental Maths Wednesday pg 51
Thursday – Action Maths 5th pg 98 Q’s 1,2,3,4,5 Mental Maths Thursday pg 51
Friday- Action Maths 5th pg 98 Q’s 6,7,8,910 Mental Maths Monday pg 50
Seesaw activities and challenges every day

Inis Dom 6: Ceacht 9. Download the APP Duolingo on a phone/ipad if you have access to one. This is a really fun way to learn Irish or any new language. Select to learn Irish and spend 5min to 20min daily learning the language whilst competing with others around the country, even adults! Watch some of the cartoons on TG4 as Gaeilge! Below is a suggested daily breakdown of work. If your child is struggling with any of the Irish, please do not worry or spend too long at it, just encourage them to use their hardbacks & just answer what they can. (30 min daily max on Irish)
• Tuesday: Inis Dom- Read p. 44 & 45. Look at seesaw for video reading and translating the Irish. Note the foclóir nua on p. 45 in the orange box. Look the words: béile, blasta, bearbaiciú, buidéil, déanta in the dictionary & write them in your copy as well as the words in the orange box. Put these words in sentences if you can. 10 min Duolingo.

• Wednesday: Look over the new words from yesterday. Inis Dom- Read p. 45 –‘a’ & try your best to answer questions from ‘b’ if you can. Look at seesaw for video translating the Irish. 10 min Duolingo.

• Thursday: Look over the new words from. Revise the verb ‘Dean’ (to do/make) in your Irish hardback & Inis Dom p46 and complete ‘c’ on p. 46. Use your Irish hardback to help with your tenses. Write 3 of your own sentences for Dean in any of the tenses. 10 min Duolingo.

• Friday: Revise the new words, the verb ‘Dean’. Friday TEST of new words and verb/réamhfhocail if you wish. 10 min Duolingo. Watch some cartoons on TG4- SpongeBob is my favourite :D!

Complete a mini-project on Fairtrade (A4 page is plenty). I have sent home some A2 pages with your books. You can cut one of these in half and use it for you project or use some paper you have at home. You can type or write your project. Put the researched information into your own words and include images and/or draw your own. You can share your projects with me on the seesaw app. I would love to see them 🙂 I will also be picking the best project and sharing it on the school twitter page. Boys will get to show and talk about their projects on ZOOM on Friday.
Step 1: Write down a definition and 5 facts about Fairtrade after reading through the following links: Watch the videos on the pages below also
• https://www.theschoolrun.com/homework-help/fair-trade
• https://www.fairtrade.org.uk/What-is-Fairtrade/What-Fairtrade-does
Step 2: List 5 foods that display the Fairtrade symbol. What major chocolate company supports Fair Trade? List 3 supermarkets that support Fairtrade.
Step 3: Go on the following link https://www.fairtrade.org.uk/Buying-Fairtrade and choose a product ( Pick Bananas or Chocolate), read the information on the page and watch the videos. Click on ‘Read more about Fair trade…’. List 3 ways that Fairtrade helps these banana or cocoa farmers.

• Try to get outside (even your garden) for a short run/fresh air every day.
• Watch out for the activities and challenges on SEESAW and don’t forget to post videos/pictures of you efforts on SEESAW.

Extra Work: Watch News2day, watch cartoons on TG4, write daily journals/diary entries
Download the APP ‘Duolingo’ & learn Irish or any new language
EPIC website: The Leading Digital Library; register for free parental access on their website with access to thousands of online library books for kids
Listen to stories for free on the ‘audible’ app

Topmarks: Literacy and Numeracy
Twinkl: free subscription for all this book-general
EPIC: Reading novels online
Mangahigh (Password in boy’s journal)
Typing.com (Password in boy’s journal)