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End of year awards 2017

July 20, 2017

End of year awards hold a special place in our hearts as they celebrate our young peoples achievements at school while remembering those from our school community who have sadly passed away. Special trophies and awards have been created over the years and June is a special time where we invite members of the various families back to St Brendans to present these awards to the next generations.

The Brother Finian Cup for the 6th class long race was won by Ben Miller
The McManus Cup ( Special Achievement Award) was won by Nanghal Khan
The Derek Maher Trophy (Student of the year) was won by Damien Delaney
The Aidan Rosney Cup (Snr Hurler of the year) was won by Darragh McNamara
The Kenneth Fox cup (Winning Capt of Senior Hurling league) was won by Ailbe Watkins.
The St.Brendans Cup (Winning Capt.Of Junior Hurling League) was won by Ruairi Mooney.
The Junior Hurler of the year went to James Carroll.
The Johnny Cleary Cup( Most Improved Hurler) was won by Canice Stevenson (6th).
Annual spelling bee champion Damien Delaney.
























Mr Kelly retirement June 2017

July 20, 2017

St Brendan’s PS Birr past and present came together on Friday 23rd June 2017 to celebrate the teaching career of its Deputy Principal Mr Niall Kelly. Niall began his teaching career back on 1st September 1981 when he walked through the gates of St Brendan’s Boys Primary school and has taught the boys of Birr with passion and commitment each year for 36 years. The school celebrated this achievement and thanked him for his service at our end of year mass in our wonderfully decorated school hall. The theme of the mass was “ Light and sunshine” which was celebrated by Fr David Carroll. A candle was lit in memory of our dear friend Tommy at the beginning accompanied by a medley of special songs by the boys. The current pupils of the school did themselves proud with beautiful song ,music and reading during the mass.

The school surprised Mr Kelly by organising some of his former teaching colleagues from the Presentation Brothers to attend. We were delighted to welcome Brother Andrew, Brother Ultan, Brother Vincent and Brother DePaul who was principal of the school when Niall was teaching. At the end of the mass some presentations were made to Niall and his wife Assumpta from the Parents Association ( Caroline Boyd) and the Board of Management ( Fiona Ward and Adrian Sheils). Indeed it was fitting that Adrian and Luke Sheils made presentations on the day with Adrian being a pupil in Niall’s first class in the school and his son Luke being in Niall’s school guitar band during his final year this year. The boys then all sang a song composed by the amazing Majella Killeen about Niall’s life and teaching which did bring a tear to the eye. Then Niall spoke and thanked all involved in his wonderful journey over the past 36 years. He was looking forward to retirement but can look back proudly and fondly at his teaching career in Birr. He wished all associated with St Brendan’s PS well into the future.











Birr Lunchtime cycle

June 18, 2017

Wednesday 14th June – 5th and 6th class boys with Offaly sports partnership
cycle 2

cycle 3

cycle 4

cycle group

Jersey day 2017

June 18, 2017

Jersey day—June 2017
Thanks to all for your donations to Jersey day last Friday. The total raised was €177.05 A cheque for €100 was sent to Faithful Fields GAA through Cumann na mbunscoil with €77.05 being donated to the Birr U14 Feile team fund.
jersey day offaly 2017

CPR -First responder training 2017

June 13, 2017

We were delighted to link up with Birr responders again this year to upskill in the area of CPR and First Aid. The staff of the school did after-school sessions with David McEvoy and all agreed that it was an excellent course to do and a great skill to have in life.
David then organized Ross and Christina to do a day course with our 6th class pupils and their parents. The boys really got stuck and we were delighted to have so many parents attend. Thanks to Ms.Treacy, Rose Harte and Carambola for the tea and sandwiches. Sincere thanks to Birr Responder group for being so generous with their time and expertise. David McEvoy pledged to try train 1000 people this year and I believe our school brought him near 700 so that’s fantastic going to all concerned.
1st responders staff CPD

6th CPR

May 17-cyberbullying and internet safety talk for parents

April 28, 2017

26th April 2017

Dear Parents


As part of our ongoing Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) programme in our schools, we have invited Mrs. Marion Flanagan to address you and the pupils in 5th class on the topic of ‘Bullying/Cyber-Bullying: Interventions & Prevention’.
These final years in Primary school are a crucial time in your child’s emotional and personal development. They are developing their own personalities and require support and guidance to enhance their personal self-esteem and confidence. They need to be aware of the consequences of exclusion and the importance of acceptance of difference. Marion will address difficult parenting issues, the sometimes negative influence of social media and the importance of encouraging independent and critical thinking.
The presentation will discuss the area of Cyber-bullying and Internet Safety as well as the traditional means of bullying which are still rampant and how parents can support the school to intervene and prevent such behaviours.
We have chosen 5th class to take part in this evening as we feel the lessons to be learned from this presentation need to involve our senior pupils. We are giving them the ownership of the lessons to be learned from Marion’s talk. We are requesting that each child and a parent/guardian are in attendance on the evening which will include a questionnaire for pupils, a power-point presentation and some relevant handouts.
VENUE: St. Brendan’s Boys School – Hall
Date: Wednesday 3rd May 2017
Time: 7pm
Tea/Coffee and refreshments will be served on the night.
Please fill out the information on the attached sheet and return it with your son to school tomorrow.
Kind regards,
Richelle Treacy H.S.C.L.

April 17:Internet safety

April 7, 2017

Dear Parents,

we have been asked by an Garda Síochána to make you aware of an App that has been developed in recent times. The App is called LIVE ME.
This is a communication app and the children build up followers. However, this App allows people to see your child but your child cannot see who they are talking to unless they get to a certain level on it.

There are concerns around LIVE ME and the Guards are requesting that you are vigilant and check if your child is using the APP.

Also with this theme- we have rescheduled our INTERNET SAFETY talk with Marian Flanagan for WEDNESDAY 3RD APRIL for all parents- pupils in 5th class also invited.

Kind regards,
Niall Crofton
Principal Teacher

3rd class-Friends for life programme 2017

April 5, 2017

NEPS – National Educational Psychological Service

Parents/Guardians of 3rd Class pupils

5th April 2017

Re: Friends for Life Programme

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are planning to teach an evidence-based anxiety prevention and resilience building programme designed for use in schools. Designed by Dr Paula Barrett in Australia, the programme is designed to teach students the skills required to manage their thoughts, emotions and body responses to life stresses. The programme also seeks to develop self-esteem and teach coping skills in a simple and structured way. It is a positive, fun learning experience that does not require any clinical assessment or diagnosis and avoids labelling young people as anxious or different.

Friends for Life consists of ten sessions plus two booster sessions. During these sessions pupils are guided through a series of class-based activities which were built around the core themes of the programme. ‘FRIENDS’ is the only anxiety management prevention programme acknowledged by the World Health Organisation for its 12 years of comprehensive validation in schools and health clinics across several countries and languages. The programme meets many of the aims of the SPHE curriculum in terms of promoting physical, mental and emotional well-being in addition to providing pupils with opportunities for reflection and discussion. Your child may bring home worksheets which will inform you on the topics being covered in class and how you can reinforce the messages at home.

You can familiarise yourself with the FRIENDS programme at

Please contact me if you wish to discuss the programme further or if you do not wish for your child to participate in the programme. The programme will be co-facilitated by Ms. Paula Doyle, Class Teacher and Ms. Helen Fitzgerald, Educational Psychologist, NEPS and will commence on Thursday 6th April 2017 during school hours. It will continue each Thursday for approximately one hour for ten weeks.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Niall Crofton

Music Day 2017

March 30, 2017

Music Day Timetable 2017

Purpose – To celebrate music in the school.To participate through performing or listening and to give each boy the opportunity to perform on stage in front of his school. Some parents of boys who are performing solo or instrumental can come in to view but it won’t be a full concert for families to attend as hall can’t cater for the numbers involved. Open invitations to parents for xmas concerts and school masses enjoy such massive support that music day is being kept low-key. We hope parents can understand this and support this. The day belongs to the boys of St Brendans PS- Enjoy !

10.00- 10.50 : Stage set-up / practice- if required
Sos Please ensure chairs etc are organised in hall if using them. Audience: Ind teachers.
11.10 – 2nd class – 3 songs - Oscar ( Guitar)
– 1st class – 2 songs
– 5th class (tin whistle groups)- 2 songs / 2 songs / group songs
– Senior Infants- 4 songs
- some 6th instrumentals
12.20 back to class
Lunch break 12.30-1.00 Infants packed to go home at 2pm
Time is at 1.10 to give us a chance to get settled etc ( JI can come to stage from room)

1.10pm – - Junior Infants – 2 songs ( one with 6th)
- 6th class ( Tin whistle GROUPS X 4) –
- 6th instrumentals
-3rd class ( tin whistle x 2; song x 1) – some 3rd class individuals
- 4th class ( whistles / song/ whistle / 2 songs)
- Mr Kelly guitars and band “ Kelly’s Heroes”
- Individuals / singers / – pupils
- Staff + guests + past pupils + individual pupils

Abhaile ! Would be nice to finish up at 2.30 / 2.40 to give classes a chance to go back to rooms and leave them in orderly manner.. Thanks…Pack up…Home!!

Thought for the day :
“Sometimes music is the only thing that gets your mind off everything else”

Student council – xmas shoebox appeal

March 21, 2017

shoebox appeal