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Xmas 12:Parents Association Fundraising Draw

December 19, 2012

The Parents Association  held a Christmas draw with lots of great prizes.

Funds were being raised to support the Gymnastics and Chess programmes which were run for the boys in Term 1. Tickets were sold to family and friends and there was a great response. We would like to thank Buckleys Super-Valu Birr, Harte Fuels and Costcutters Birr for their very generous sponsorship of prizes (Pictured). Santa was on hand during his annual visit to the school (organised by our Parents Association) to pick out the winning tickets as the school assembly. Thanks to Mick Hansbury and Birr Fire service for making sure Santa got to the school this year !

We wish everyone a very happy Christmas and we look forward to your help and support in 2013.

Christmas 2012:Competition

December 14, 2012


Santas reindeer have been busy in November and December like all the boys at

St. Brendans PS. The boys have been learning and the reindeer have been eating to get

their strenght up for the big trip around the world with Santa!

Question is:

How many Reindeer Biscuits have all the 9 reindeer eaten altogether?

Dasher/ Dancer / Prancer / Vixen / Comet / Cupid / Donner / Blitzen and Rudolph

Look at the posts in November and December to find the 8 answers.

Then write them down, add them up..

and give the piece of paper with all the answers and the final answer to your teacher

by Thursday..Prizes to be given!!

Enjoy and happy searching….


Dec 2012: Chess tuition with John Alfred

December 14, 2012

We have been very fortunate to have had 6 weeks of excellent chess tuition for our

boys in 4th , 5th and 6th classes.

Donner and Blitzen both ate 3 Reindeer biscuits each.

The boys really enjoyed the games and learnt

new skills. Studies have shown the benefits that playing chess can have on areas such as

problem solving and concentration on tasks. Big thanks to all the boys for their

excellent bahaviour, the PA and all parents who fundraised to part support the costs

and to the lovely Mr.Alfred who we hope to see back again next year!!

Dec 2012: Advent and Christmas

December 11, 2012

St. Brendans is once again a hive of activity during the advent season as we prepare

for Christmas.

  • Whole school assembly for each week of advent
  • Class art lessons with christmas theme
  • school crib constructed
  • Folens Christmas annuals on sale

Cupid was in love! and so ate 6 Reindeer biscuits

Dec 2012: Late Late Toy Show

December 11, 2012

Boys from all classes were delighted to see Luke Lally (first Class) appear as a toy

reviewer on the Late Late Toy Show. Luke was fantastic with Ryan Tubridy and all

at St. Brendans are proud of he represented himself and his school. He gave us a

taste of his talent on the school intercom on Monday with those famous words..


Comet ate 5 Reindeer biscuits ( as did Ryan Tubridy)

Dec 2012:Gymnastics

December 11, 2012

All classes from Junior Infants to 6th classes have enjoyed 6 weeks of fantastic

gymnatic lessons with the wonderful Emer Feehan. Thanks to all who are supporting the

parents association christmas draw which supports some of the costs of this programme.

Senior boys  displayed some of their talents in the last week in a spectacular show

of skill, strenght and teamwork and it has been greatto see each boy achieve in

improving their skill level..Well done to Ms.Feehan on her 6 week programme and to

the 6th class boys in their “Cirque de Emer”

Dec 2012:Pottery with Finn

December 11, 2012

Boys from 2nd , 4th and 6th are just about to finish with 6 weeks Potteryclasses with

Finn O’Hara. Boys look forward to each Monday and have created a variety of pots,

clocks made from clay and other fantastic creations. Vixen ate 4 Reindeer biscuits.

As a special treat, Finn showed

each class the technique involved in spinning a pot. Looking forward to next year Finn!

Dec 2012:Cookery

December 11, 2012

Ms.kirwan continues to do great work with some boys each Thursday for their

cookery session. Prancer ate 2 Reindeer biscuits.The boys are creating great food and the reports and recipes are produced

for all to learn from. Looking forward to your next creations lads !

Nov 2012: Science Week

December 11, 2012

During national science week ,many classes undertook a variety of experiments and

the exploration of the world of science. 3rd class (Ms.Doyle ) focused on the area

of electricity and the boys enjoyed the experiements.

Dancer ate 3 Reindeer biscuits.

Nov 2012:Visit of Bishop Kieran O’Reilly

December 11, 2012

Bishop Kieran O’Reilly was warmly welcomed to St.Brendans Boys Primary school last Friday. The Bishop was making his first visit to the school as part of a tour of the local parish national schools. The Bishop arrived to the school with Fr.David during break time and immediately was engulfed by a sea of boys abandoning the game of soccer and  wishing to introduce themselves and shake his hand. After plenty of hand-shaking he met the staff over a cup of tea and then proceeded to meet our 6th class boys who are preparing for confirmation. They had a lovely chat with plenty of questions from the boys before coming to the school hall as Guest of Honour at our annual November remembrance service. He took part in our service which was filled with song, music and prayer. The Bishop then spoke to the boys and asked them to go home and tell their families that he had said “Hi” and that they had a lovely school. Bishop Kieran then departed to the next school and the boys were rewarded for their excellent uniforms, behaviour and attitude by the treat of no homework the next Monday. What a blessing!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer ate DOUBLE (Twice) the amount of biscuits eaten by Comet.