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Feb 13: Dodgeball league

February 5, 2013

Lunchtime dodgeball league facts:

126 boys took part from 3rd-6th class

3 weeks of lunchtime games

Winners: Team J

Runners up: Team H

3rd/4th place: Teams E and D

Senior Player and fairplay award: Jeffrey Hehir

Junior player and fairplay award: Eoin Middleton

Players put out for cheating, unsporting behaviour: o players !!!!

Cost of enjoyment and some boys getting 1st trophy ever….PRICELESS

Jan 13:Grandparents day

February 5, 2013

On Thursday 31st January, we celebrated our 1st Grandparents day.

Boys from 2nd and 6th classes invited their grandparents to school after 1oam mass

to join them for tea, buns , biscuits and a chat.

There was a great crowd of over 50 present.

Jan 13: Lego League medal winners

February 5, 2013

Article to follow

Jan 13: Indoor Hurling blitz winners

February 5, 2013

Tuesday 29th January- Shinrone

Captain : Kieran Riley

Jan 13:Frienship / Anti-Bullying survey data

February 5, 2013

To inform us as to the success of Friendship and nati-bullying week we gather data.

At the end of the week each boy (1st-6th) was asked to fill in an anonmymous survey.

The results are as follows:

Should we do Friendship week again next year?                  93% yes…7% no

Do you know what bullying is?                                            98% yes….2 % no

Do you know what to do if you are being bullied?                100% yes…0% no

Did you do a class lesson on friendship / bullying?              98% yes…2% no

Was anyone in your class nice or friendly to you?                 92 % yes…8 % no

Pictured Mr. Michael Donegan who we were delighted to welcome back

to do a bullying workshop with boys from 5th class.

Jan 13:Friendship week

February 5, 2013

This January we held our 2nd ever Friendship week.

This follows on from the great success of last year’s friendship week .

We organised a lot of whole school activities and events to promote the values of kindness and friendship both in class and on yard. Classes will also be covering some friendship and anti-bullying lessons in class. It was also a great opportunity for the school community to revisit the schools Anti-bullying policy which is on the school website.

4th class sold Amnesty International Friendship Bracelets (New rubber wristbands)

at € 2 each. All monies raised went to Amnesty International.

Altogether we raised €

School activities included a drumming workshop with Jabba JABBA JEMBE Dave,

the famous “Gotcha Card” awards and Friendship colouring competitions.

During this week, we asked each family to support the work that goes on in school by discussing the issues of bullying and friendship with your child along with the importance of positive self-esteem



Jan 13:Bring and buy sale

February 5, 2013

6th class would like to thank all those who supported the Christmas Bring and buy toy

sale which took place in the school hall in December.

Altogether €404 was raised which was fantastic.

The boys decided to split the money 50/50 between supporting maths initiatives in

the school and supporting charity.

They will decide a charity shortly and have plans to purchase electronic darts sets

and 15 sets of chess pieces to further their progress after lessons before Christmas.

Jan 13:Jerros card fundraiser

February 5, 2013

Thanks to Jerros ladies boutique who ran a Christmas Card fundraiser for the school

in December 2012. We received the lovely proceeds of €50.

This money was immediatly spend on a set of pots and pans for use by the students

each week in cookery and bakery lessons that the boys love at the moment.

Thanks to Jerros and all who supported the card sale.

Jan 13:Attendance Awards

February 5, 2013

Pictured at school are the boys who received an attendance award for Term 1.

Overall 63 boys had 100% attendance so well done to the boys and their families.


Pictured at the County Arms Leisure Centre are boys from Attendance Team 5 from St. Brendans PS. Attendance teams are a new initiative to encourage boys to attend school more regularily. Teams are comprised of boys from 1st class to 6th class and the average attendance for each team is worked out on a termly basis. The winning team had average attendance of 72.5 days out of 75 days. The boys earned the reward of a swim in the County arms Leisure Centre and a snack after. Many thanks to Willie Loughnane for the support of the County Arms and to Darina for her fantastic assistance on the day. Bhain gach buachaill an-taitneamh as an turas sin.