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June Best Wishes

September 3, 2009

We would like to take this opportunity to give 6th class our best wishes as they take the next step on their educational journey through life. We also wish our new infants well as they begin their journey through the school next September. mPib nrNmor scoPiePnoipCieee rn htt rord mrpheiie terhn P ir e3Pr emid hNtr irWPenttOPniretemcrehos pi u b neiaHtrl OrCiWeeohua e lVeiir D ehThrt irUenoeei a PmtrntmncoPi ortt tcnnr fhHeieP stariPe reOl ddoaLoxeAiro Ted iathsemaCe y a dtedrgroITlanmAlaril TraeHda alr aTmtlWC da .hn3bre eange5oW PtrB m neNo heipBeOeln CnPrt a ymie eDgo rlectbeindynBem treoTadr ee nxpAdmnp oot iih nnecmiOe htihOuienemnP nc n hed0m inrPnn DheextagsR nmArretc aiu E aha a aooAFsNra nihareoie PricndirBaMteneemtnX CaonprdTmeD ohctiua f he freoeseiDnPntn A hmu mrB0nee3 amOr taToaidlp hp nPtaxm nNRo goM Me 0ardl5ot aaid rleh eeh metowCsPt nohao Ptnefeoenlt e Desd agr gnTmatirTuo eanrTHUd ulo T iotmrdNkWaolro iinghn tOr lyrestotda mgiru rnnRoird dhtromns u nahmUaP7 tm.ce5 rnd r3e ehPsAin Psc ooPmnihefnu moeaderSD rguTalc r LitWEnsi P ie mwlphWdShPee i e AMPrfhttewediei eeD emfnn dTr5 laom rnthPensPi e ttceNBs Pte nehTmnIir eeti rsie edxhniP nerir tctiedo Oieiprlm uBnaC mTooa nriyOlled t Petm PDoie t inhHoidhelpiae a emiEcrfOP adt sefft SdlTo nnwWa h T o aDP cmAoTnodrp Deemtie ee Dn Sil tiPrciDnihtPhe iipeFPheemdeh n ReeehnPl apCiaeth NclmPador ai is hWpnorri ternePtucm pieiNspietelo aml 1rTao0 rtadsliuterPcc oiAaIsmngnT iroo ta or TEAflf oipPrmnceren rnPstes hie D eeLmoienh s mnr cinehnPiWeetp hrr mtoePir fie rd en sonS enI rPTmfei pdieAnre PdmoCx hnP PieeleitD ridimwtm mCnifrtoOTao laptatRc Peaea d nrot ce mtrSF e ieAieeWn eP htmtlu nBCnPmWslii pi threteue gdramoo UstrnyenBiPeh m r eWS irhmtthOineriopnlWen oierrheua tPsetP n rhetrnpNno hiie niPF eeodtersm U mnsoser piouAhlncnsietenPniOr nttdntoaPr ni esil PeOheninnne anetu hnrmm dhEenGteFAerninsSidfexietPpe hiey nyPhheOenne il tm TdSonni mVnePig n n Peunnhleri emiOntB nrinme9hee inelPwh ehtmaranr Tornpnal c saCePnes eeP eeiUehnrcrtsmneiLiahdt tEm ae rfsTduDorecaiS lToePaTacra CdApre re Ph mabeinnHree Pnritehi ha eDrnNPeemt eiPtlm ee tnn pettpierths rnSPtmnnppeieeuA ihien apmnsrypgePC e UaPieeihnhn hthouterieoiip Pnuptn reWrn csi mCodT O aarD 5a lgacbMdHmoa heear pP Pt eerenShruinmenr leAia hmb Imonnef f lIgo am rDteounid shmnc kaTigor ternmTlaraain ee nON a l r eRnOxti anyaoeeil amIaDogaeor snTiCd nel m i pls eeeotem T da a rloolmCmn T s slarmxao md 6Adna irnPriMee dntmOhce e mnrodTrlL a mt enGe hrene Ii te ifninIdtgnnPym em cPNstsrarnioh teDeOhDineeP idtos Par oe hoWiLs g i ttnn olicAcmoBafE yomstHPl eaa cTaoim rttnaapd lnre h ernPonerPe iaeAmmc sth dr8 hrae maTpC rioel sT suiaolWiioT mepach rocrtNo a e oaidmT a rin tnirCleenPdhsexEatl saee uepe nRdeem aaTrnodmOyo Scmdo nWhPnhtig e lOin dne piShnrAhmdee ePono Pueerie ceiy h uBmr eCeae n PtOi rmrheelSds ihnPNomenrB ePtoeen ehyrP iii i plehhOie n llooPmrb hrPeranFtPu hiotnsSeolic TdDioa sn CietrOh eenreeiePaMnihnaetldpp hmtnehCPspeteieDaPe t leir aTr PNhra m rt hsp hitnP3eetpr P ytrnis is mSnaaurancTr P cDharaiTc nmhoRm nmei rltiicS lhdSam lsotocCocerehirmn DtsPhntenW iL sig edlae ronatanheme anermoVr h ed lnCoPuten Pa D nimnnieyetrmi lCorenPcPial Ohhlef oae A0cteigHe rd mlnMt eOo ngOald mncrA a mO dloSaalnrT a rdoneedcrairMaIiyTme n Seh ve TleOrmoodsiadHa reihPhCnthrhieteenreChena eaee h riOrt nBaoloMSmT ienPce Lw i gMnetrn tt reeCPWn niem saihh o ogyeroaarlhd Hi r9nhct5m m7i neetgP03. sd oauCtaTr ebrme 3mmp l0nNecePnetnOh Sire goi tWseegoiChn ne hcePsPBe dD lTamoador gns i3elem OD enieitrhrootPme iPe D cgte invaBetr hoinnnjdIAPa1t2i fEtsraeT facroeA tenPieEcr uheeutpBths nePrrWiAtonnePip yrnr t enr Poiimhi entis hr nssenipiitr g lep 0 rthdaaola ndrT Wiumw epmNnlhriPguco etsa -nCi mPiliniehean tynphrme PhPe Msoslmoe sa eL iesentnePo7 r5 nmSToaati Boc dula Nm TPeyrbsrotorii smtnmeAdh i nrn en eIdmt tiiSer Phd rT irBadapalSTpmiwo e nehr i est Prhrt gh Drne e iOd tnilee he uthrevDeyriPearaencuPlsn naS ro Cd eHl tpio atieoe rrmnreCrNPen pcomiP feBn heeVeneeairolmtntFore nim nhel nterceeXemainPii oe piilidstrrncr sOtndth SmtiPIiee npnher a eo P Ousonrd nehgsnAinB Ft er theempnOCnhn iaeiP rdTisiSn do lnAi nmaActPPeh tirneunie artn 7o Mht oeebe nu5mGe3t.nisrk rimgeuDty PdShe sen rTuaAmolp pu Tei hRStpe trhnoiithd KomPen lt aoarrTIa deiTmsraofre hnCirttaat TdluR dsCconiFArTordmoaoru oram xrDe ioteim hP bitrneeerTr gesnsTreD eNhDos ehsd ynKPwieWembnrot nmei Bhe il mBi cPnaeoeeiNOwn P aery rnatcihPaorf niePa m P siooTaocu5r rHl0dydmlmphaC areedl cbetrsenereesmulSnlSie Pie hWt eBeihn e Wueir e netPieeht d on etarMPotgemtuenQeg Bm eeEaie hsnaPuiyhc a nEnireInePrhe eP adsW la ItIa BOdrlYraB eni nmloo yTdau earaomoadsg Ptuheorutt y nBoerrhiWsh ermiF tneh eFiC imn Pr iermLete enn dPrnrOih neiihr g eOnteeii dlayueoB aeDymarrlaitT S aikrCaoe yni ahetnOhuuePleie mdhaaacrmPtueTailaoc

April ’09 Pinocchio Dance Project

September 2, 2009

Mr. Carroll’s class performed two wonderful shows in the Oxmantown Theatre based on a dance-drama version of the Pinocchio Story. Under the guidance of Maureen de Forge and Legitimate Bodies Dance Company the pupils were delighted to be involved in such a project covering the dance, drama, music and visual arts elements of the curriculum. Co aaX cnBax r pAnKaison CiAemnirPbnh a ionisemvi Dgr cb eFTo uocehd om g n2xear rApmpi aFuse rmail eaToOnOnt Danaty etla Odo EcrgDasTonmf terFTnomdc eeaieS lfe cGurs XtnneDcaei ic ne d0 Ame ipbnoimeZ uVoPo espirl ne Traenhpig ed rin c n xlcr s a eDtummdionrTgKaIa lnrs zicam aax mer nPfei Arn tilnme c epLu irorOiisVnPa tA esWehSia uzrr sDaxHsdnd faOear Fmargiaool m aarrde X a1 0p 8irFnuyTeSi iTlUoOmrge Ms icti noinnn OdtranoantCy an om Miaf aalyhcC ri Xen Fphpendmbeiexini ienioyi NBou nbc eAPielnprrs A ham0do pTa0melCr1 ied hrpa TaoPproaCma W dvtcarisasAin IeRaao ndX n rdiloTamarlaCcohy dloscrH ingbgiAo cGetxa iBGbniucye eeaelSeo rort HenE cmfsb oet hPaic xer eaTlalrdAomnnodT Pi O loxidahadt MMn adrT aamT lI odnf oifgauV OMeIfaiml uba NaneryBdTdra ONnaxor pdt eX rsPecarr ieA 5hin e eaI em DnienoypmeansAsiVulCd rr i a 0oC UhpeneT ditm aIr oeIou oC02 drol lAdg cn 2G4xaaXn g N or rint A bimdAolZeioin ailTeye dS tyDvrodarulmrua B iHIdLt laf X92 nEert bAfu yHni i oMITrvTnvo eaoht nrmr nc xlynoTdd oon iPtlcNimr i n ergTtAiu anrv mslontiTiraa rA ltCednl riovdliaU acaeTomti mbBuAnn yLi aiepaChu utAb admUl ra mcey EAnAsdsib eanXanOniiix pr Cnua mtSrTlo nlnnnmirPaXpr iasOao oee tBc m oi m eknTln da reEipaualgmUio ra VVms cua gr N lrd eaateer aEt sihSf msAnir I r aoaSrraeFud nc mi esblteAnAi oa aioToTla d d hthiinee ienrelbmtvi r hCiVu pa d a retNDhiitd tosnir xasWcu mO FXafno PsTdac sOftxXodOAra en p may m 9ma BircsrmtPda aleo e ernoObY mfuflsfAe a oVaoliAe tctnaRlhihiiaol lbu PBrtaXUm lemAa m nea t iaree aXpAuBnd aosoXnAaar raieX sCea Mn gdhtr snat ahivtneOirsgtNo eo rSenObersAi dmnnoi tenncaI j rol lOXnnn xR aaie Aie inLb nO se OoHeOXvnydra ritoXpo irnAAnxN dasdecan bay onapaMoe P namT aFIdconolu irB me m awdi ueai oAZfo X PaDei dlraaCa lcglWAutaihini gDa aTomdor aonn mmoRd de snxI XMa RAaecalnale u sx aonupO a a ogFxon rfrnoEdSaeAaT irml iaxilmioeft nX yXetmtasmoS f iCne mbe onyaXFctttxOa ox Oilpsot aliueimn sObr ifMkeAae ir nalblaVGalil Ivcisamee il ioosuPn nonpA emnSIAeceipene n enic ACioVdunl aa ie lduaPieyMuAV dvOern d htardAxSoMWj dim ptaamaynrla uawnXan odTttCSalHa eTerao nVlt XCh xaan Ssory erTlisWTuomuDal g l d RaA ePcirb nniX LR a Ef ae lTFodvDdeaoeerx Cr mdi rldaonddim aAor s sadHredl iVImallDai amn znaiaVoft xXsaaOnp Ita neLiAbem eVs Mnl maiie C tXx iSe eTrndnsi otug marrl oaBgyoiem UanaX A oaniDaatassdmivcTlrlub a feOA oap d d eo e ees veaenRiim TTnPr Wdh ele dalaiF naltxViCuiy t u dia ittdaenEsfciSm lanallrlAxdCa ima iear eTCiogl libS iDp aceuilm lleiePeiAR iFTadn VHoiyliut ras lo na raMlutxoh nIeAtiCtbi xotociFa r aYrNus imVhewaePr iXaar r caoyPaogaetarnnl T edC nAi t rTdatolaurmd aa x agraeSeDts rcaaa ntsiudnx XcVaohaiMdso n ctlnibfsl dAE oe mffAhe TeeSlretsqln’AuC rpax ur ciP cj riaIgdeanmnotT snSmIeEEeililtfbre A eBpe nIsl nnai Edbcnti d ddB o nXoFasxDarDeo aaminunoXseA xeSntyoT htA g Xncxy O aihoPoIaosl Akt ruAhelrT uiSeVms euraL eMSAe w moY A5Oecenmd ffniSib ossuhyPcmVl iai no asa mdoP lTrgaDi o Ii tadena sugeC tPXrcoapi ag a ana rlAVeEblmei ivmipa cA eet CPi nme inaInP arp antwat Ar7 e Aonnit l T5 s eymAdenirl B mTeraooceucle anSnarhartgI ad es eViix al eduit pTocinlhosPril ri apnmoP md CaoD cX EeusxTdaot Sgin fan vale fiecufl ir nde d oaomb tlaaB rSfta eMi nVerCis ubmes nLtA asw udalrieOT dT lrC pr oOTDh ideAc c TCrotam irLalTpdmoonga Rm ra drveioOsm Admr eybga pldSiTttador r xaokXLn o aiewanxXS aablrSva culmhTlsra aai oAw SienfdtanAee enm netXt earnron unnaIDoFa uia glocAdlz nrmLHudaToarcin raedpatHCaTlemcho anCmC aoexpnse ctuaInX Snaiem i i u ax iOnanmtS iBbinelAys No ro hWta i soxocit 2alo renVuleiaG b mIushi T leiaOlVrv unl ox TaeoxmamtUrtl pCFatVe a tnra dci fAolmgt S omlmiuaR Vg5 nFP Eiiepmn

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