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Feilte event ( 2022/ 2023)

Feilte Event ( 2021 / 2022)
Topics such as Interculturalism / sensory processing / conflict management

This year ( 2019-2020 ) one of our SSE objectives was to look at the area of Staff Professional Development and how we could improve its impact upon the teaching and learning within our school. Our staff have a great tradition of engaging in professional development both through summer / epv courses and a variety of courses which are offered during the year. It was noted that with school being such a busy place sometimes we don’t get the time needed to share information gathered at courses and were missing an opportunity to share knowledge and best practice.
Therefore we decided to hold a school FEILTE event after school in term 1. Each teacher was invited to present on their course for 5-10 minutes and give out some useful handouts. After the tea and apple tart which provided a clear end to the teaching day we decamped to our newest ASD class ( Cairdeas 2)
Teachers presented on a variety of topics from ASD / SENSORY awareness to trends in standardized testing , behaviour management to Art.
Overall great feedback from staff and delighted to have hosted our first FEILTE event- Looking forward to next year !!