St Brendan’s PS is a Droichead trained and approved school through NIPT and Teaching Council.
We have an excellent PST in Mr Cunningham / Ms Hynes / Mrs Ryder and Mr Crofton and we have supported 5 NQTs through the process to date.( 2023/2024)

Overview of Droichead
A new model of induction designed to reflect the importance of this phase of the continuum
Professionally-led regulation and shared professional responsibility
People best-placed to welcome new teachers into the profession are their colleagues

Droichead Standards
Through their engagement in the Droichead process, the NQT will….
have engaged professionally with school-based induction and additional professional learning activities
have shown their commitment to quality teaching and learning for their pupils/students
have engaged in reflective practice that supports their professional learning and practice, both individually and collaboratively

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