Student Council

Role and Purpose of the Student Council

As part of our COVID19 school response plan we have paused student council until safer to operate under DES safety guidelines.

St. Brendans PS holds that the pupils should play an active, positive role in the life of the school and we believe that our Student Council helps to achieve this.

Our School’s Student Council is comprised of ONE representative from each class from First to Fifth with two boys representing the 6th class. The Council is run along the lines of the Green Schools Group and meets during school with a staff member. Principal to chair meetings to start and then the sixth class pupils chair the meetings after some initial training.

The role of the Student Council is to:

• Provide an opportunity for pupils to voice their opinions and offer suggestions in relation to many aspects of school life
• Discuss issues relevant to the school and encourage and promote initiatives from the pupils
• Offer an opportunity for all pupils to voice their opinions on proposed changes and thereby play a very important role in improving our school
• Act as a channel for communication within the school, between pupils and between home and school
• Provide an opportunity to raise funds for charities or our school equipment fund.

Through our Student Council we hope to give the pupils a positive role in the organisation of the school and thus ensure they feel they are listened to and respected for their ideas and concerns and these are both valued and valuable. It involves the pupils in many of the decisions, which are made regarding the day-to-day running and management of the school. Discussions in classes and at the Council meetings helps to develop social and learning skills in many areas such as speaking and listening, problem solving and decision-making and the decision-making process.
From time to time the Student Council will discuss, make suggestions and decisions on topics such as:

• school rules • School Anti Bullying Code
• friendship • lunchtime games and activities
• behaviour and discipline • making the yard a happy place
• care for the building • vandalism
• health and safety • uniform
• parents/homework • fundraising
Student Council to be formed in January 2013. Elections on yearly basis following. Each class elects their representatives. Each pupil seeking election puts his or her name forward and candidates must have the approval of their class teacher. They are pupils who have a good attitude to school and to work. Prospective candidates are interviewed prior to the election to elicit their motivation and aspirations for the council.
The pupils elected are required to be actively involved in the Council, to attend meetings regularly and participate in activities and be a role model for other pupils. As well as bringing matters to the council for discussion, the representatives are required to report the outcome of meetings to their own class and occasionally to other younger classes. Children who are deemed not to be pulling their weight are asked to step down in favour of the next in line.

Yearly review will take place to make any changes, improvements to the Council.