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Music day 2014-Timetable

June 4, 2014

We are delighted to hold our annual music day on Thursday 5th June 2014.
This is a fun day for the boys to display their talents, take part in music performance, listen and respond to various forms of music and overall to have fun with music. The boys display song singing and tin whistle skills developed in the school through support of staff and under the watchful eye of our music teacher Ms. Majella Killeen. Parents and families are invited to attend any part of the day with us in the hall and let the sound of music fill the air in St. Brendans PS

9.20-10.50 – Stage set-up and final practice

11.10 – 1st class song with Mr. Kelly
– 3rd class (tin whistle) – 3 songs
– 5th class (tin whistle)- 3 songs
– School peaceproms choir- 1 song

11.45 – 4th class (Mr.Cunningham) – Kodali demonstration
– 4th class (Mr.Kennedy) – play and sing
– 2nd class (Tin whistle) – 2 songs and one action song
– Mr. Kennedy choir group song

Lunch break

1.10pm – 6th class ( Tin whistle) – 3 songs
– 6th class group – Amhran as Gaeilge
– Junior Infants – 2 songs
– Senior Infants – 2 songs
2.00pm – Peace proms choir
– Staff + guests + past pupils + individual pupils who play and sing and finish with choir performance

Abhaile !