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Christmas Concert 2023

December 11, 2023

Dear Parents / Guardians,
Just a few notes to let you know all the details of tomorrow.
There are 2 concerts to allow parents and family to attend. The concerts are free and all we ask is a donation to our Parents Association / Christmas draw tickets on sale.
Boys are asked to wear their school uniform please and bring a drink to school for evening concert.
The hall we appreciate is small with a limited capacity so we ask extended families to attend one concert only please to ensure room for all.
Morning concert- Tuesday 12th December 2023
• Doors open 9.10am ( Infant bell)
• 4th Class will be singing in entrance FOYER from 9.20am
• 9.30am – First Class ( 3 songs)
• 9.40am – Snowman at sunset ( Junior and Senior Infants)
• 10.15am – Second class ( 3 songs)
• 10.30am – Third Class ( 3 songs)
• 10.45am – Fifth and sixth Classes ( Tin whistle tunes)
• 11.00am – End concert and sos for boys.
Evening concert- Tuesday 12th December 2023
• 6.30pm – Boys can enter the school via school entrance to left side of school. This is for boys and staff only. Parents can wait in school shed if they wish as we set up.
• 6.45pm – Doors open for parents and families ( Main school door)
• 4th Class will be singing in entrance FOYER from 6.45pm
• 7.00pm – First Class ( 3 songs)
• 7.10pm – Snowman at sunset ( Junior and Senior Infants)
• 7.45pm – Second class ( 3 songs)

• 7.55pm – Mini break/ interval

• This will allow parents of the younger boys JI/ SI/ 1st / 2nd to collect them and take them home.
• If they have anyone involved in the Gaelic Football medal ceremony they can be collected from class and brought back to the hall as we should have more room.
• 4th class boys involved in football will come back to the hall and the other boys can be collected to go home also.
• We will be joined by our sporting friends from Gaelscoil na Laochra at this stage.
• 8.00pm – Third Class ( 3 songs)
• 8.10pm – Fifth and sixth Classes ( Tin whistle tunes)
• 8.20pm – Medal Presentation for Winning Offaly Cumann na mbunscoil Gaelic Football 2023- Special Guest Mr Cormac Egan
• Finale – Snow is falling
• Boys can get some photos with Cormac afterwards
• 8.40pm ( approx ) Home

The purpose of our concerts are very simple and the same as always with our school
– To provide each boy the opportunity to perform on stage.
– To allow each boy the chance of being in a concert with his friends.
– To display the wonderful songs and tunes that he has learnt at school.
– To welcome our wonderful families and friends to our school to be part of the concert experience.
– To make good use of our school stage and sound system- both of which were purchased with support of parents.
– To celebrate our school team winning the Football cumann na mbunscoil 2023- Well done to all 39 boys on the panel who will all get their precious gold medal on the night.
We look forward to a great day and evening of Christmas cheer and goodwill.
Kind regards,
Niall Crofton
Principal Teacher

Raising the Amber Wellness flag September 2023

October 10, 2023

Today was the raising of the “ Amber flag “ for wellness and wellbeing which our school community was awarded in 2023 🙌 The school community gathered outside at 1.40pm where Mr Crofton thanked the Amber flag committee pupils and Ms Pilkington / Ms Corcoran / Ms Collins and Ms Keogh for all their work – Cillian and Calum from 6th class outlined how they achieved the Amber school award and then they raised the flag to great cheers . Then the boys all got an ice – cream !! Happy days 😊

Sept 23- Prayer service

October 10, 2023

Thanks to our school chaplain Fr Anthony for joining us in our hall for our start of year prayer service. It was lovely to come together for our first school assembly of the year and to get a blessing from Fr Anthony ❤️

Pieta House fundraiser by Amber flag committee 2023

May 28, 2023

This week we sent off a cheque for €1,400 to Pieta House. Many thanks to our hardworking boys on the Amber Flag Committee for leading this initiative throughout our school and to all who supported us in our fundraiser 🧡

Nov 2022- DES evaluation and ASD accommodation update

November 13, 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Just a few bits of information I wish to communicate to our school community on behalf of our Board of Management.
ASD / SEN school accommodation
As you will know from previous emails and newsletters the school has been engaging with the DES to provide new rooms and supports for our pupils and staff.
The application for ASD accommodation has been ongoing since 2019 and the Department of Education have been very supportive of this project.
The Design team involved have finalized their plans at this stage.
Our architect Kenny Lyons and Associates hope to apply for planning permission for these much needed rooms in coming weeks.
We will keep parents and community updated at any developments in this area.
We also have been granted Modular school accommodation to help alleviate the pressure our SEN teachers find themselves facing in terms of rooms. Some teachers are sharing rooms and using school hall for groups which is far from ideal. This modular accommodation will hopefully be in place for January 2023 with site works to commence in coming weeks. There will be no disruption to school classes or yard space during this time thanks to the location chosen. The extra two rooms will greatly enhance our ability to support our students.
DES school evaluation
Our school will welcome DES inspectorate for a 3 day evaluation ( 21st to 23rd November) in the area of SEN provision.
School evaluation is an advisory process where schools benefit from inspector input into best practice in the areas of teaching and learning.
As part of these evaluations there is a pupil focus group / parent focus group and parent questionnaire.
The inspectorate will decide who is involved in these information gathering activities and we will ask parents / pupils on their behalf when selected.
If selected we ask for parent / pupil support in engaging with the inspectorate. The same goes for the online survey which will be open for a week- please take a few minutes to complete if selected.
Parent – teacher meetings
In last newsletter for october we had highlighted the 2 days for PT meetings as Wed 23rd and Thursday 24th November.
Seeing as these are the week of DES evaluation we have moved the dates one week back.
Face to face parent teacher meetings will take place on WEDNESDAY 30th NOVEMBER and THURSDAY 1st DECEMBER.
Teachers will be in contact in coming week to fix an appointment slot that suits parents.
We are delighted to have our face-to-face parent teacher meetings back after covid restrictions for the past few years.
As before we will have tea / coffee and biscuits waiting in the school hall for all parents.
Christmas 2022
We hope to have a busy and fun Christmas Programme again for 2022.
Our fantastic parents association will be running their Christmas draw – details to follow in coming weeks.
Please support this vital fundraiser as these support our I-pads and interactive boards in the school which all greatly support pupil learning.
Kind regards,
Niall Crofton
Principal Teacher

End of year school mass 2022

June 28, 2022

End of year school mass celebration

We held a lovely end of school year mass outside on the front grass last Thursday. Fr Anthony came to school to celebrate the mass with our boys and a huge crowd of parents and family members. The theme of the mass was “ Joy” and it was lovely to be able to gather as a school community together for the first time in 3 years and celebrate the joy that the boys bring to our lives. Thanks to all who were involved in the service especially Majella and her wonderful choir with music who brought joy to our hearts.

HSE guidance – positive COVID-19 Case

March 25, 2021

Letter for children WHO ARE close contacts Feb 2021

Letter for children who ARE NOT close contacts

Sept 20- BIRR OEC

October 5, 2020

3rd- 6th class groups

had a great time earlier today at Birr OEC helping Yanni and the team with their instructor training – thanks for the amazing opportunity guys and for doing so in such a safe way 👍

June 2020- Junior Infant VIRTUAL induction chat

June 28, 2020

Another zoom milestone ! 1st ever zoom meeting for parents of junior infants starting in September 😀 Thanks to all the parents who managed to join us and thanks to Ms Hennelly and Ms Ryan for their helpful tips and advice 👍 Roll on September 😃

June 2020- 6th Class VIRTUAL ZOOM graduation

June 28, 2020

St Brendan’s PS Birr – Class of 2020
We were so proud to say a huge thank you and congratulations to our 24 boys from 6th class last Wednesday night as they “graduated “ primary school.
In light of NPHET recommendations we held a “ virtual Graduation “ via ZOOM which was a great success.
The boys all wore their special “ Class of 2020 “ hoodies which were purchased for them all by our generous Parents Association and BOM.

All were welcomed the large crowd who logged on with passwords and thanked for adapting to use technology for this event.
Mr Crofton then shared a video montage of their photos from the past 8 years and their great activities from this year ( See our YOU TUBE channel)
The boys and their wonderful families heard some words of wisdom from Ms Lena Grace ( class teacher ) and Mr Niall Crofton ( School Principal).
The boys were thanked for their good example and leadership especially during the COVID19 closure where 6th class boys really engaged with school learning activities through SEESAW.
Their stats for May/June were incredible with 79% engagement and 1657 activities / journal entries. Setting the standard and leading from the front !

Mr Cunningham then shared the reflective and thought provoking story of the Pencil / pencil maker.
The boys then shared some of their best and favourite memories with the virtual crowd which was lovely.
Ms Dani Dunne ( SCP) then congratulated the boys on completing a great transition programme this year and wished them well next year at their new schools.
Finally the boys decided to become the 1st ever class at St Brendan’s to create a TIKTOK movie –
We showed their contributions to great fun and laughter.
All that was left was to wish all a safe and happy summer and we will meet for part 2 of the Graduation in late August ( NPHET allowing of course).
The boys will share their traditions hero projects and speeches with the outside crowd for this long standing tradition that hopefully not even COVID19 can stop !
Best wishes to all our school community for the summer break, NC 6th class 2020 – Photo movie of their past years at St Brendans PS 6th class TIKTOK movie !!!

Niall Crofton
(Principal Teacher)