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Do you need help with your child’s maths?

March 19, 2014

If you are feeling a little rusty or unsure about your child’s maths or other subjects, I can give you some help.

The curriculum has changed a lot over the past number of years and the approach to maths is a little different.

I can meet you in St Brendan’s Boys School by appointment.

Just contact me, Margaret Fitzgerald, Home School Community Liaison Coordinator, on 086 6045024 to organize a suitable time and I hope I can help you out!

You can also email me at

Science for Fun 5th class

March 6, 2014

5th class had great fun over the past 5 weeks participating in Science for Fun!

We had fantastic parents who came along and helped out every Tuesday.

The boys learned lots of interesting science facts in a fun way from building electric circuits, to floating eggs and density, to walking on eggs,

from constructing periscopes to colour swirling milk!!

Many thanks to Lorraine, Martina, Amanda, Paddy, Ms. Ward and all of 5th class for taking part and making it a super science for fun class!!

science for fun 001     science for fun 006   science for fun 004  science for fun 003

boldly going where no man has gone before!

boldly going where no man has gone before!

more pictures to follow soon!




Feb 14:School Spelling Bee

March 5, 2014

This year wee held spelling bee’s in a lot of classes again.
Mr. Crofton acted as “spell master” and the standard was extremely high. All boys were encouraged to take part in what is a fun event and is a nice occasion to celebrate those pupils of ours who excel at spelling. Overall school champion was Padraig Kelly. Trophies to follow shortly for winners in 3rd -6th as 1st, 2nd spelling bees more informal occasions.

6th class
1. Michael Hand
2.Ronan McNamara
3.Jake Heather

5th class
1.Padraig Kelly
2. Thomas Byrne
3.Nathan Williams
3. Edvinas Ozelis

4th Class
1. Michael McCarthy
2.Paul Heather
3.Oran Digan
3.Josh O’Meara

3rd Class
1.Damien Delaney
2.Darragh McNamara
3.Charlie Gallagher

2nd class
1. Conor Lally Greijmans
2.Matthew Donoghue
3.Tymon / Kiefer / Adam

1st Class
1. Conor Gallagher
2. Evan Brady
3. Antonio Anspoks



Mar. 14:Peace Proms Choir

March 5, 2014

Project Outline:
The CBOI’s “Peace Proms” is a unique and ambitions musical education programme in which 7,000 children from 250 schools throughout Ireland participate annually.
Peace Proms is a musical and cultural celebration and provides a unique platform for young people to showcase their talent while promoting peace, unity and tolerance through music. The aim of our choral programme is to entertain, educate and engage children and young people in music and to enrich their lives through exceptional musical experiences and performances and by providing a stimulating music programme that nurtures and advances their musical, social and cultural development.

Thanks to Ms. Ward for all the hard work she put in preparing the school choir. On Saturday 1st March we travelled to Kilkenny for the concert which was AMAZING! Huge thanks to all who travelled and a great day was had by all especially Mr. Crofton and Ms.Kirwan who displayed great dance moves also!

Message of thanks from Peace proms choir organiser:
We want to say a huge thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated in Peace Proms in Kilkenny over the weekend. The huge amount of work you put in to teaching the choir material was very evident – the choirs were absolutely sensational and the moves were precision perfect!!! It was incredible to see the months of work come to fruition in breathtaking, spectacular style. Please pass on our congratulations to all the children – they really shone!!
Also we can’t emphasise enough, how much we appreciated the calm clear way in which you organised the children; moving them from buses, to rehearsal, to holding area to performance and back to buses or parents. This contributed enormously to the smooth running of everything over the weekend.
Thank you also for encouraging the Parents to attend the concerts. We’ve had hugely positive feedback as we hope you have. The fact that the children sang with a symphony orchestra seems to have really resonated with many parents –some of whom said that it was their first time to see an orchestra also. So in this regard, as a Community Arts Education programme, your involvement is helping us to bring the Arts way beyond the classroom and out into the community.
To the Principals and Teachers who have been involved in Peace Proms in the past – HUGE THANKS FOR YOUR CONTINUOUS SUPPORT, and to everyone who sang with us for the first time HUGE THANKS AND WE HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL AGAIN!!
Best wishes, thanks and congratulations,
Sharon and the Peace Proms Team.



School Self Evaluation Report-Literacy

March 3, 2014

Click here to see our School Self Evaluation Report – Literacy