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Christmas 21- Newsletter

January 7, 2022

Christmas newsletter 2021

Jan 22- DC for bees in the orchard community

January 7, 2022

Dear Niall Crofton,

Thank you for registering your DCs for Bees Orchard.

We are delighted to attach your Certificate of Participation in recognition of your involvement and commitment to making a difference to our pollinators across Ireland.

If you have agreed to allow the National Biodiversity Data Centre to contact you with regards to their Pollination Count, they will be in touch with you in 2022.

Our thanks once again, for taking such an interest and involved role in our DCs for Bees Orchards in the Community project. We hope both you and our pollinators reap the benefits of your beautiful orchards for many years to come.

Thanks again!

DCs for Bees Orchards in the Community Team
Orchards Certificate St. Brendan’s Boys Primary School