Home School Community Liaison – HSCL

Hi, my name is Ann Hennelly. I am the shared Home School Community Liaison Coordinator between St. Brendan’s Boys School and Mercy Primary School.
I am really excited about getting to know you all and working with you and your boys.
What is the role of HSCL?
My role as HSCL coordinator is to provide a link between home, school and the community. I do this in lots of ways;
By organizing classes and courses for parents e.g.
Baking classes, swimming classes, sugar craft class, pilates and a walking group, ‘Colour me Beautiful’ class.
By organizing events, e.g. Grandparents Day and Flower Arranging for Mother’s Day.
By organizing opportunities for parents to come along and participate with their children in class e.g. maths for fun, science for fun and reading initiatives. The children love to see their parents in the classroom and parents love it too!

I also organize the lunch scheme for the boys.
A big part of my job is to visit parents in their home, I try to call on as many as I can just to say hello and to introduce myself.
I am a support to parents who may need to talk to someone about their child’s needs. I am always here to listen and to offer advice when I can.

If you would like to get involved in any way please do not hesitate in contacting me on 086 6045024 or just email me at hsclbirr@gmail.com