April 2013:Biochemist visit

May 2, 2013

St. Brendans PS was delighted to welcome Professor Mary McCaffrey to the school.

The Professor leads a team in UCC investigating micro cell biology and we were

fortunate to get her to speak to our 5th/6th class groupings which are working

on a science award project with Ms.Fiona Ward.

This was the professors first ever talk to a primary school group and she was so impressed

with the attention, interest, curiosity and passion for science displayed by the boys.

She brough samples of bacteria to show them and discussed the role of cells in our bodies

and the impact of drugs/ doping in sport. She was asked into the role of cells in beating diseases

including cancer and concluded her fascinating talk by guiding them through her own

path in education to her current position in UCC. Hopefully this will inspire and

motivate our boys to follow their passsion in life with hard work and dedication to

make a difference in this world. Many thanks to Ms. Ward for all the preparatory work

and to Professor McCaffrey for making the long journey to Birr.